What is InvestDigital?

InvestDigital (IDT)



The market cap for cryptocurrency investment is currently at over $600 billion. The daily volume stands at over $40 Billion and is expected to increase even further with the increase in the use of cryptocurrencies. InvestDigital (IDT) is a one-stop investment platform for all cryptocurrencies. The platform is a digital asset management platform and toolset implemented on an EOS blockchain. The vision of the platform is to build an ecosystem from content and toll production to investment strategy and then finally to financial products and those who lave cryptocurrency investment.

Who can use the InvestDigital?

The InvestDigital can be used by both ordinary investors and professional investors. For the Ordinary Investors, they need a professional asset management services because of the lack of skills and knowledge when it comes to cryptocurrency investment. Professional investors, on the other hand, face issues when it comes to channels to connect with ordinary investors. This makes it hard for them to gain the trust of ordinary investors a problem that InvestDigital plans to solve.

Products of InvestDigital

Quantitative tools

The InvestDigital provides a set of developer tools for back-testing, strategies development, and firm trading. These tools will also help to constantly improve their algorithms.

Cryptocurrency funds issuance tool

These tools are smart contracts and tools that help fund managers operate and issue cryptocurrency funds. They also act as performance evidence.

Cryptocurrency investment community

The ecosystem provides an investment community based on ‘follow’ function to help you and other investors find valuable strategies to attract more investors.

Cryptocurrency funds accelerator service

InvestDigital selects funds with strong abilities and high performance. At the same time, it provides financial, technical and promotional support in addition to risk management services for investors.

Cryptocurrency funds marketplace

Investors get to enjoy cryptocurrency funds marketplace provided by InvestDigital. It will also provide exhibition services along with sales services to enhance the funds and marketplace

Cryptocurrency financial investment products

The ecosystem will also provide investment portfolios such a FOF and ETF to fill the blanks of cryptocurrency financial products.

InvestDigital Innovations

Some of the InvestDigital innovations include:

  • EOS – high efficiency
  • Oracle service – trust
  • Formal verification – security
  • Anonymous reputation rating – fairness


The InvestDigital team is led by Daniele Bernardi, founder, and CEO of Diaman SCF. He is also the chairman of Investors’ magazine Italia. The key member of the team is Hugo Gong, a researcher of blockchain research center in UCL and secretary general on Blockchain association of China and UK.

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