What is Internxt?

Internxt (INXT)


Internxt (INXT) is here to change the way the internet is usually organized. It is a peer to peer clouding computing network that allows users to cooperate in the creation of an Internxt that is decentralized. User from all over the globe can host data and sell resources of their machines on the network in a private secure and efficient ways. The platform is currently owned and managed by Fran Villalba Segarra a young entrepreneur involved in the internet industry and a whole team of developers and a legal advisor.

How the Internxt network works

Historically, computing has gone through environmental changes and a series of platforms. People are using computers systems because of the assurance the distributed computing holds. A distributed computing uses multiple computers when solving large-scale problems over the internet. Peer 2 peer networks and grids are some of the distributed computer models used to enable decentralized collaboration into computer networks. Internxt mission is to combine Grid and peer-to-peer into a nonhierarchical decentralized Grid system. It is going to go beyond standard P2P with an aim of building P2P Grids network.

The P2P networks will be used to build the next generation peer-to-peer platform. The P2P platform will be decentralized structured system that doesn’t require central ordinance of knowledge. Internxt also aims at providing a decentralized platform that is a combination of PaaS and IaaS with services that act as building blocks.

Internxt features

Some of the features that are available on Internxt include:

Identity and payment management

Also known as identity and access management, the feature aims at increasing computer security and business discipline that enable the right individual to access right resources for the right reasons at the right time.

Container application platform

The platform uses application containerization as a method for deploying and running a distributed application. Application containerization is an operating system level that enhances the use a virtualization method for distributed application.

Decentralized serverless computing

The serverless computing method is a cloud computing execution model that cloud providers dynamically use to manage the allocation of machine resources. Pricing is usually based on a number of resources consumed rather than on pre-purchased units.

Internxt platform not only offers a superior technology than other crypto platforms, but it strives to be a competitive crypto-platform in terms of users experience and price. The team and developers and founders on the platform strive to make an intuitive technology that is user-friendly and offer top-tier services.

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