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The blockchain technology is transforming everything in the world today, including the insurance industry. According to the founder and director of Inschain William Bu, “Every day we are racing against time. If blockchain applications succeed and gain popularity in the next two years, a world of possibility will be opened up.” Said William Bu. With this belief, William BB was able to build the Inschain Blockchain. He also believes that the blockchain technology will give birth a variety of insurance and transforms the relations of production in the industry.

What is Inschain?

Inschain is a blockchain based insurance projects founded by risk management managers, American actuaries and first-class experts in investment, big data fields, and insurance and artificial intelligence fields. The platform can support new insurance business models such as P2P insurance as well as a series of traditional insurance workflow. In other words, Inschain is a blockchain based AI enabled insurance ecosystem.

What are Inschain’s strengths?

The Inschain operation and development teams have strong technical expertise which is to the benefit of the platform and its users. Some of the strengths of the Inschain platform include:

Network security and blockchain technology

The team strong expertise has led to world-class blockchain projects development and successful startups. The team helps in building not only scalable application but also a secure application for IT and Finance industries.

Innovations in business models and insurance products

The Inschain leadership has an in-depth understanding when it comes to the bottleneck of the traditional insurance business. The team strives to build a healthy ecosystem by combining their expertise with cutting-edge technologies.

Insurance services public chain

Experts on the platform work together with network security, consensus experts, P2P network protocols, and cryptography in a bid to develop the 3rd generation public blockchain to serve the insurance applications.

Artificial intelligence

The team behind Inschain aims at bringing state-of-the-art deep learning model experience to the insurance industry.

Use cases

The Inschain team and the platform can help you with:

  • A smart policy system
  • Data and API services
  • Big Data Analytics modules
  • Applicant identity Authentication module

Who is behind Inschain?

The Inschain team is led by William Bu, CEO. He was voted among the ten outstanding Young Persons Awards in Hong Kong 2015. Other team members are Ming Chiu, Chief Actuary, Peter Dolch Chief Technology Officer, Xinxin Zhang, Manager, Blockchain Development, Jianghua He Manager, Blockchain Development, and Feida Zhu, AI Director. The team also includes a group of advisors led by Dr. David X. Li.

Project is no longer live

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