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The creative industry has pressing issues in the urgent demand for a cross-chain protocol. The industry has a long history and at the same time is highly vibrant, innovative and with endless breakthroughs. Along with the innovations and breakthroughs, the market has tremendously grown. The values on the quality IPs are amplified and utilized to a much greater extent. INK is a decentralized solution that helps in harnessing the combined power of Consortium Blockchain, Cross-chain and Public Blockchain interoperability got the global creative industry. As Inks put it, Creative minds deserve INK. INK consists of:

  • Intellectual property asset exchange
  • Technical, cross-chain and business solution for industrial implementation
  • Infrastructure for decentralized content production
  • Sovereign consortium blockchain for use cases
  • Token issuance, ecosystem, and applications based on a globally renowned public blockchain


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Why do people need INK?

The creative industry is facing challenges that include:

  • Limited distribution of content: the inadequacy often leads to an unfair distribution of proceeds. This frustrates motivation and creativity of quality content creators.
  • Unprotected ownership of intellectual property: disputes are frequent. Many quality IP and content are not able to incubate effectively
  • Insecure financial support: there is inadequate exploitation, liquidity, and creation of value in the creative industry. Their immerse potential of the industry is not fully tapped into because of inadequacy in infrastructure and ecosystem in the industry.
  • Centralized governance of distribution, publishing and platform management
  • Immense difficulty to convert original consents to liquid assets.

How does Ink solve the problems?

With these issues facing the creative industry, the INK platform offers various solutions for the issues. INK offers a trusted consortium blockchain solution for the regional use case and a technical selection of Ink which include Sovereign consortium vs. the public blockchain. Some of the solutions that it plans to offer include:

  • Facilitating effective distribution marketplace
  • Registering creative works on blockchain
  • Digitizing value and tokenizing creative assets.

INK features

The INK consortium Blockchain is a collection of high-performance permissioned blockchain solutions. The blockchain is designed with features that make it operational. Some of the features in the blockchain include:

Ink Account: the ink account can cater for a large number of anonymous users. Users can use an account system called the Ink account to manage digital assets and interact directly with the consortium.

Transfer set: The INK account seeks to make up for transferring capability and the lack of tokens.

The Ink was founded by Tang Ling, an early adopter of the blockchain technology and an expert on intellectual property. Other are Ismail Malik, Walter Komare, and John Middleton among others.


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