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Infinitecoin (IFC)



Infinitecoin (IFC) was created in the month of June, the year 2013. According to their website, It has been one of the largest coin counts around cryptocurrency and is capable of broad and fair distribution of coins throughout its users, which is one of the reasons why it remained relevant.  Since IFC has a wide global distribution, it is capable of fast transaction times.


How IFC works?


IFC allows its users to download a wallet, where they can receive and send the infinite tokens, which they have referred to as the Infinitecoins. Each coin has a real value when converted to USD. The coins can be earned by mining, which means that you will have to share some of your CPU’s processor memory and cryptographic solvers will do the solving part of creating a new block in the blockchain.

What is Infinitecoin?

When it comes to mining IFC, you will just have to follow the instructions provided on their website and set up your miner. They also have an active forum community in which you can ask for answers if you have some technical questions. The forum is also a way for users to be updated on the latest news, developments, projects, marketplace, economics, and general talks.


IFC’s features


Advanced check pointing


The blockchain will regularly be monitored by the developers in case of attacks. It will resolve the problem. It is done to keep the network safe and secure for IFC users to use.


Warning message system


If ever there will be issues detected, an instant warning message will be displayed on the client’s screen. It is done to postpone transactions until the network is secured again.


Fast recovery


If ever there are detected attacks in the system or threat, the IFC provides simple recovery system that can be triggered immediately.



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