What is Indorse?

Indorse (IND)



For many professional, building the right network is the most important thing for their career development and getting rewarding projects. However, most job markets in almost all industries have to deal with flawed skill validation process and users find themselves giving up their most valuable data for nothing. Indorse (IND) is a decentralized platform to build for professionals.In addition, the platform is a blockchain-powered social network. They are dedicated entirely to helping professional along with their accomplishments and skill. As a result, they strive to forge new professional relationships and reach new career heights.

The main problems and Indorse seek to solve and their solutions

Indorse seeks to solve two main problems. The problems of flawed skill validation where the way skills are measured, personal judgment and recommendations are bias and fraud. The other issue is where users give up their valuable data and get nothing in return.

The Indorse main objective is to provide solutions to these issues.They want to do it by offering users a simple and objective skill validation process. Whereas personal skills are judged in a decentralized way by random users.In addition. It offers users share of success by rewarding them for their actions on the platform using the IND token.


Professional Blockchain profile: users are able to make their professional profile accessible from anywhere anytime on the blockchain. The profile will allow them to stand out from the rest.

Reputation score

The platform measures the quality of your activities and indicates the value you bring to the platform.

Company pages

You can showcase your company to potential partners and employees on the leading professional network.

Validate connections

People like advisors and developers can validate the trustworthy of relationships between them and the companies they associate with.

Earn for being awesome

The participant will be rewarded for their contributions and activities on the platform.

 The Indorse (IND) token

The IND token is the utility token of the platform. It also acts as the backbone of the Indorse ecosystem. Users get rewarded using the token and can acquire services and participate in various parts of the Indorse ecosystem using the IND token.

Indorse Timeline

The Indorse Platform launched the Professional profile on Blockchain and CV Visualizer features in Q4 of 2017. Moreover, they later launched more features. Namely, company pages, validated connections, consensus skill validation and Sybil attack prevention. The team plans to add automated skill validation and external validation by Q3 2018.

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