What is Indahash?

Indahash (IDH)

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The influencer industry it rapidly growing. You have probably seen celebrities promoting random products. Indahash is an online marketplace that connects social media influencer with brands. Indahash uses an app that connects more than 300,000 influencers from over 70 markets with the global brands. The mission of the platform is to tokenize influencer industry and solve issues that influencer, brands and their audiences. The crypto economics implies circulation of the Indahash Coin among all the groups. It also created a new type of relationship between influencer and brands. The connection happens through a digital token and a decentralized marketplace.

How the Indahash work?

Using the Indahash Coins, Indahash wants to create a new crypto-economy. The coins are circulated among brands, audiences, and influencers. The platform uses Indahash Coin to pay for marketing campaigns. The influencers receive the coin and exchange it for products or receive discounts for their shopping, along with early access to novelties.

Basically, Indahash works for all the parties involved. In the platform the three parties can:

  • Brands can pay Indahash using the fiat currency or the IDH for ad campaigns. They can also accept money from influencers in exchange for services and early-access products.
  • Influencers on the other hands get paid using the IDH coins. The payments are done in exchange for advertising campaigns. Influencer too can sell IDH coins on exchanges or to Indahash.
  • The audience is the third party to use Indahash. The audience members get rewarded for following an influencer after they create their tokens.

The team behind Indahash

Indahash is the world’s largest platform for brands and influencers. The company is led by co-founder and CEO Barbara Soltysinska. Barbara has invented, co-founded and subsequently selling stakes of LifeTube, the hugely successful YouTube MCN in CEE. Darek Zielinski is the COO of the platform and Wlas Chorowiec the CPO.

The Indahash coin

The company created a coin that works as a global currency for the social media influencer industry. The coin known as the IDH is the main means of payment for influencers globally. Advertisers can buy IDH and use them to run campaigns. Influencers can accept the IDH for campaigns. IDH coins can be used to paying audiences.

Indahash is one of the largest influencer platforms. The token sale aims at creating a digital currency that will be used between the audiences and influencers at the same time allowing brands to purchase campaigns/ the platform takes advantage of the growing advertising economy to create a marketplace for influencers and brands.


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