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Big data are now used to create new innovative market and services. The problem if the big data lies in the cost of infrastructure used to handle large amounts of data and this is where iEx.ec RLC comes in. IEx.ec makes the cost of the infrastructure by giving access to a P2P network managed by a blockchain based Ethereun model. With the iEx.ec platform. It is to provide distributed applications an easy access, scalable and secure to the computing resources required for any execution. IEX.ec platform also has a cryptocurrency coin or token known as the RLC.


What is iEx.ec?


iEx.ec (RLC) is a decentralized and distributed cloud computing platform, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. RLC is after providing secure and easy to access computing services that are on demand. Since RLC is built on the Ethereum blockchain, its applications are expected to have high-performance in providing cloud computing services. Ethereum is one of the fastest technology presents in the crypto world today.


How RLC works?


The apps that are going to provide the services rely on the Ethereum smart contracts, which also allow building a virtual Cloud infrastructure (an infrastructure that could provide high-quality computing services performance). With RLC, you will be able to organize marketplaces and other decentralized infrastructures, where you and other people can rent its computing resources (GPU, storage, CPU, etc..). The designed Big Data applications will be able to sell them immediately online.

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RLC provides high-performing apps


In our world of today, having fast computing applications is on demand especially when it comes to designing new services and products.


RLC is for everyone


Other forms of technology like HPC can be too expensive and too complex to run for average individuals. iEx.ec, on the other hand, can provide something that is scalable, secure and easy to access set of computing resources.


RLC is affordable


iEx.ec relies on the Ethereum blockchain to organize a global peer-to-peer market, where people can rent applications and computing resources as well. In this way, the cost of IT lowers and RLC will be energy-efficient.

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