What is Iconomi?

Iconomi (ICN)




Iconomi (ICN) had launched on January 28th, 2017 and it’s the digital assets management platform that tries to provide the simplest way to invest in the decentralized economy. It uses a token that is built on the Ethereum ( a digital cryptocurrency) platform. The platform tries to enable the user to invest and manage various digital assets. In a simpler sense, it is trying to establish a network of DAA (Digital Assets Array), which helps in making it easy and straightforward to invest in those assets.

Iconomi video explanation

The ICN tokens are currently worth around $3. According to their website, there are currently 20 team members, which is quite a lot if you compare it to other project’s team member’s number. The team numbers are experienced in the Blockchain technology.


Additionally, ICN entered into several partnerships with BANCOR, Cofound.It, Lisk, Golem, Aragon, WeTrust, and Byteball. According to one of ICN’s coin interviews, they would also like to invest in new ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as well, ICO refers to the fundraising process. The Iconomi platform is extremely active in the scene of the cryptocurrency industry.


According to some of the active forums of Iconomi, the ICN is not listed on Poloniex or even Bittrex or Korean and Chinese exchanges, which means the coin has plenty of room to grow when added to those exchanges. The ICN is active in building partnerships with other platforms and always announcing new partnerships.


How does it work?


With the ICN platform, the users are allowed to get started in minutes. They are just required to sign up, then deposit digital assets, and they will be able to manage it wherever they go. The platform has a cutting-edge security, which ensures safe and secure transactions and exchanges that take place in the ICN network. The operations are completed in 100% transparency, which means that there will be no hidden costs charged.

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