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ICON is an exciting venture that acts as a bridge for blockchain communities. ICON allows users and communities to interact with each other while maintaining their autonomy. ICON is a highly ambitious project compared to platforms such as Ark. The ICON project is in the process of building the largest decentralized network in the world. ICON communities comprise of reputable institutions such as hospitals, banks, securities, universities, insurance, and much more. Current and future communities can benefit from ICON’s decentralized applications that include blockchain ID, payments, and exchange.

ICON characters and features

There are three main characters found on the ICON platform. The characters are what makes ICON a unique platform form other cryptocurrency platforms. These characters and features include:


ICON is compatible with other blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin and other third-party blockchain networks that are connected to the real world. ICON blends the real world and the Cryptocurrency world to inspire new business connectivity and possibilities.


With the help of ICON, the blockchain technology is incorporated into our daily lives. The ICON team is building a real-world application for real communities. The platform will benefit from ‘DAVinCI’ an artificial intelligence solution that is trusted by larger financial institutions in the world.


ICON is building a decentralized world that consists of free communities. Since the platform is a decentralized network where communities can connect and interact, building a decentralized world won’t be a problem. Anyone can join the network by creating a new DAPP.

The ICON team

The ICON team comprises of people with expertise and knowledge in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and other technological fields. The team includes advisors such as Don Tapscott, Jason best, Yiseul Cho and Eddy Travia among others. The foundation council of the platform includes producer managers YG Lim, Nathan Kim and Flora Kim among other product managers. There are also members of the design, marketing, and security and members of the AI department on the network.

The ICON token

The ICON network uses the ICX coins/Tokens. ICX tokens are used when communities interact with each other, when communities interact with DAPPs, when communities interact with ICON republic and when DAPPs interacts with one another. The coin is also used on the ICON republic blockchain. The token value cannot be predicted before the token sale or by the market valuation. Everyone is allowed to participate in the ICX token sale, but they need to make sure they are eligible.



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