What is HyperPay?

HyperPay (HPY)


There are many crypto platforms and currencies that offer currency payment solution to users. However, the HyperPay (HPY) is a multiple currency payment solutions that offer users a simple payment solution for tomorrow’s commerce. It is a revolution in the exchanging system, of accessing and transacting funds for both service providers and users. In addition. the platform solves the separation of digital currency wallets and third-party payment platform that many times are an inconvenience that many people have to face each other day. Also, HyperPay allows users to organize their financial lives and have control of their payments options by combining various payment options into one single gateway with security and agility, unlike any other wallet.

HyperPay benefits

Some of the benefits the users of HyperPay platform will benefit from include:

  • Receive digital currency
  • PoS mining
  • Accept third-party wallet payments
  • Convert to local currency
  • Convert digital currency
  • Use third-party payment platforms
  • Spend digital currency

Hyperpay features

  • The HPY digital wallet: the hyperPay digital wallet is a beta version that will be available for download starting 15th January 2018. It is one of the best wallets that gives users the power of storage and transfer capabilities. Users can hold BTC, ETH, and Hcash in the wallet.
  • The power to the transaction: users of the HyperPay app can transact multiple currencies using the digital wallet.
  • The benefits of trust: the platform offer user the strongest security protocol where they can verify and authorize with confidence.

About the HyperPay team

The Hyperpay team is led by Jacob, who is the CEO of the company. It also includes Gary, CTO, Today CDO, Sebastian COO, and Roger CSO. HyperPay is also looking for people to add to their team.Moreover,  according to the official website, they seek people who see themselves in a place where they can make a significant impact to make great products and change people’s financial habits. They are specifically looking for people based in Melbourne and those who are passionate and committed to the idea of starting a Fitch payment revolution.


The HyperPay blockchain based payment solution will have a sole purpose of making payments easier for everyone. Moreover, the aims of the platform are to combine various payment solution into one single gateway. The process will allow for an easy and fast transaction of digital currency. As a result, they want to give users back their control of spending a receiving money. The platform whitepaper, wallet, and app are due on 15 January 2018. That’s when you can download the wallet to your device.

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