What is HydroMiner?

HydroMiner (H2O)


HydroMiner is a cryptocurrency mining company that promises to use hydroelectric electricity and pay users 60% ROI per year. The platform is eco-friendly cryptocurrency that uses hydroelectric electricity to power its miners. The digital currency also uses water-cooling to keep the rigs. Although HydroMiner uses the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it requires an enormous amount of power to operate. Without the blockchain and cryptography, cryptocurrencies lose their security. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of electricity to break the cryptography. Much electricity come from non-renewable sources and this is where HydroMiner comes in.

How does HydroMiner work?

HydroMiner mines “all scalable currencies”. The platform which the currency to mine based on the software algorithms. It also jumps between mining pools. Right now the company is mining 20% SC, 40% ETH, 20% ZEC and 20% ETC among others. HydroMiner owns an operational hydropower station. The second one is rented. Europe being the least miner-friendly regions in the world, the company claims to place its mining equipment which allows them to enjoy up to 85% lower energy prices.

Features of HydroMiner


By placing their mining equipment directly in hydropower stations in the Alps region. The process allows them to gain access lower energy prices than the European average.


Hydro-power is the most efficient and eco-friendly way to generate electricity.


The company continually optimizes their mining equipment and strategy that helps them to be strong among the industry’s most profitable.

HydroMiner token

HydroMiner uses the H2O token to represent the right to net profits that are generated with a watt of energy from HydroMiner’s facilities. The H2O token is the ERC20 compliant token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It uses small contract in all the operations. The company’s pre-sale took place on September 25. The pre-sale is only open for Ether payments.

HydroMiner team

HydroMiner is led by Nadine Damblon. Nadine has been mining cryptocurrencies since 2015. Other members of the team include CTO, Christian Vogl, an expert in network infrastructure and hardware supply. Also, the team has Jonas Sevel Karlberg.

HydroMiner relies on hydroelectric power and water cooling to create energy-efficient mining operation. The platform has access to two hydroelectric power sources. The company uses H2O tokens the use money gathered from its token sale to expand into southern Germany to expand its mining operations. The company is based in Vienna, Austria, it regularly organizes open hours and guided tours.

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