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Humaniq (HMQ) is a form of digital cryptocurrency that could potentially give many people the potential to break out of poverty by giving them access to banking with nothing more than a phone with no passports and no IDs needed. Humaniq is an innovative new generation bank, built on the blockchain.


According to HMQ developers, one of the issues people face is not having banking systems and this have inspired them to create the Humaniq platform. They will also allow their users to gain some credit score without having to put any collateral. According to several crypto experts, this feature will help a lot of people who would be willing to take a loan from the HMQ network.


The HMQ quoted that, “There is a great source of banks and financial services in the world, but so far more than a billion people do not have access to them.” Which means that this significant number of people are excluded from the global economy. The HMQ strives to include these people who don’t have any bank account to significantly improve their standard of living.


How HMQ works?


The users will need smartphone and internet access. It uses the blockchain technology to simplify and speed up the connection of unbanked people ultimately. Blockchain distributed ownership for maximum safety.


Bio-identification is used in place of passports and signatures, simplifying and accelerating the process of new users’ onboarding. A visual, simple, and intuitive method. Humaniq’s mobile application allows you to start using it immediately without any language or any technical skills.

Humaniq video explanation

Once you start using the app, you will then be able to send, receive, and make money anywhere in the world with the use of your smartphone and your access to the internet. HMQ’s primary goal aims to help billions of people to gain access to banking systems they can call their own.   

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