What is Hubii Network?

Hubii Network (HBT)



The growth of content is rapidly increasing. People are thirsty of content and other are thirsty of a marketplace where they will sell their content. There is a need for a player or a company that is willing to offer buyers and seller a marketplace where they can reach millions of people to monetize their work in a frictionless manner. Hubii Network offers the exact marketplace which most people are looking for. Hubii Network in an Ethereum based, decentralized content marketplace. Hubii network became more famous when Floyd Mayweather talked about it on his Instagram page. The network is based in Bergen but has subsidiaries in Singapore and the US.

How Hubii Network works

Hubii Network applies a market structure by nurturing and managing competition to thrive. Hubii network uses an ERC20 token to create a frictionless ecosystem. The ruthless nature of the token allows parties to make an exchange without intermediation or oversight from a third party. The use of the token on the network reduces or eliminates counterparty risk that other networks face.

Uses cases of Hubii Network

Since Hubii Network is reshaping content production, consumptions, and distribution, the use cases are based on content production and distribution. Some of the use cases are listed in Hubii Network Whitepaper include:

Content production

Hubii Network will be used by anyone who wants to product text, video, and audio content. The content creator can track usage data and track in real time and get paid instantly. Users can also access and use the Hubii Network on a global scale. All the transaction and processes on the platform are available because they are based on the smart contract rules.

Amplifying content reach

The amplifying content reach can also be used for audio, text and video contact productions. A journalist can publish high-quality articles within the Network. They can also create smart contracts that they will use to earn and share a certain percentage of their earning for every reads produced by those who distribute their articles using social channels.

Fake news detection

Hubii network reduces the risk of fake news. Journalists can create smart contracts and earn. The earnings will then be shared among verifiers who check the article for inaccuracies before the article is published.


Using the Hubii Network smart contracts, content producers could receive tips online. Bands can also set up tipping smart contracts and earn.

Hubii Network was founded by Jacobo Toll-Messia who is also the CEO. Jens Ivar Jordre is the CTO.

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