What is Hshare/Hcash?

Hshare/HCash (HSR)


HCash (HSR) is an open-sourced decentralized platform. It enables easy exchange of data and value across the platform. It is designed to be the side chain for Blockchains that are either blockless or based-based. Moreover it is based on a highly authenticated and secure channel. The platform is the value and information carrier for major blockchains. It enables the exchange of information and value between the Blockless and Blockchain based systems.

Here are 7 reasons why HCASH is a revolutionary cryptocurrency.


Hcash protects its user’s privacy by adapting to Zero Knowledge technology. The technology helps the system to achieve directional encryption and secure other transactional privacy.


Hcash uses the POW+POS Open-Governance Model to help Hcash holders to participate in significant community-wide decision making including upgrading and updating of the Hcash protocol through a POS mining mechanism.


Additionally, Hcash took quantum resistance into consideration. Therefore, it still has an advantage over other systems, even after the rise of quantum computers.


Although the Hive is composed of the DAG and the blockchain systems. Both systems are designed to implement an unrestricted flow of information and value between blockless-based and blockchain based systems.


Hcash holders can transfer coins between private and public addresses. They can also use the client panel for the same services. The transaction across different systems is available for both private and public coins.


Hcash token holders can transfer unlimited times with Hcash systems. No matter the amount of transfer of the speed, the systems enables unlimited transfer for token holders.


Holders of HSD don’t have to wait for the determination of the use of a dynamic voting system. They can determine the use of funds in real-time themselves. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) provides the community with continual vitality and is the driving force behind future advancement.

Consequently, it can be used as an Ultra Cash, Fin Cash. For example, also for Internet of things and Industrial Internet. The team behind the system include Dallas Brooks, the chief executive officer. He is a qualified expert in financial and investment strategy. Moreover Dawu Gu, is a computer science Professor. In addition Ryan Xu is the managing director of Collinstart capital. Vincent Zhou is the founder of FinTech Blockchain group.

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