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Horizon State (HST)



We live in a world that has more computing power than ever before. However, our democratic process is stuck and is falling behind other processes in the world. That’s why the Horizon Sate was built. Horizon State has devised a platform that can be used to gather opinion, cast votes and make collective decisions. The team behind Horizon State devised the platform to help in informing constituencies, engage them with immediacy with unprecedented confidence.

How does the Horizon State work?

The Horizon state is the future of voting and decision making. The network has a token-based voting and decision-making platform that delivers trust through the post-unforgeable attributes of the blockchain technology. The platform delivers secure ballot box that is not easily hacked and where results can never be altered. Voter identities too are protected on the platform. Horizon can be extended and developed by political parties, global NGOs, multinational enterprises, and communities within developing nations and much more.

Horizon State features

Horizon State has the best features that are not easily found on other cryptocurrency platforms. Some of the features include:

  • Secure: Horizon State’s use the blockchain technology the addressed security of voters. All the data stored in the blockchain itself and is distributed and tamper-proof-not owned by institutions and any individual
  • Immediate: transacting, voting and decision making are achieved in real-time, almost immediately. The platform pair with the blockchain to deliver convenient voting to PCs and mobiles with immediacy.
  • Cost effective: Planning and executing centralized votes in long and expensive, the process also produces infrequent results. Horizon State does not use traditional methods of planning and executing votes. The blockchain voting solution is far cheaper compared to traditional methods.

Horizon State Decision token

The Horizon State network uses the Decision token (HST). The token is used to run the decisions and voting process on the network. It provides “gas” for voting and other services. HST tokens can also be used for polling process, new services and products across the network requires the use of HST.

Horizon State timeline

Horizon State listed HST token on exchanges on October 2017, Q$ 2017, the ecosystem will establish subsidiaries at strategies, international locations and QI 2018 it will release an SDK and API for customers. Q1 2019 it will release suit of voting apps, bots and other extensions and Q3 2019 release a crowdfunding platform module that enables users to raise capital to achieve their goals.

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