What is Hoqu?




The Global online advertising market keeps increasing and improves every day. Currently, the market has an annual turnover of over $200 Billion USD. In the near future, major parts of the global online advertising market will adopt the Blockchain technology. One of them is HOQU.

What is HOQU?

HOQU (HQX) is the first ever world’s decentralized affiliate platform that brings together the blockchain technology and the marketing model. Being a marketing platform, at a whole new level, HOQU is the first decentralized marketing platform that allows affiliates and merchant to interact directly with brokers. It also ensures fair cost per actions deals that are based on smart contracts.

The financial model used in online advertising?

Currently, the financial model used in online advertising from merchant to affiliates include bank payment system with (3-5% commission on turnover), CPA Networks advertising agencies (15-25 commission on turnover) and advertising platforms and services (5-15 commission on turnover).

Issues with centralized Platform

There are many challenges that centralized platforms face. Some of the issues are:

  • High commission: most centralized platform use up to 45% of a merchant’s budget is spent on commissions.
  • High Cost: affiliate networks sometimes have to part with high fees for using the platforms on a monthly basis.
  • Tough entry: conventional platforms have entry barriers that sometimes are too high for affiliate networks.
  • Unstable operation: in central platform, a technical failure can parlay all affiliate networks until the fault is detected and rectified which might take months and days.


HOQU offer solutions that include:

  • Autonomy modules: on HOQU, in case of software failures, users are not affected in any way.
  • Easy entry and fair competition: affiliates and merchants can get access to HOQU and register an account with a few clicks.
  • Free use: Affiliates network can use the HOQU platform for free.
  • Lower cost: users get 0.5% commission per deal on the HOQU platform.

HOQU platform is a platform that can be used by merchants, affiliates and CPA networks. For CPA networks, given the free use and vast selection of affiliates and merchants, they have an easy entry, fair reputation ranking, and fair competition. For affiliates, they have access to open merchant database, fair and transparent smart contracts deals, CPS model available and fast payouts. Merchants, on the other hand, have access to vats choice of professional markets, direct communication, independent anti-fraud system and low commission on actual deals. HOQU is led by CVO and IBCG CEO Roman Kaufman and co-founder and CEO Alexey Shmonov.

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