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Sometimes cryptocurrency becomes volatile which makes selling thing when it is a downswing becomes harsh to investors. HOLD provides instant cash advances to investors for urgent expenses such as car repair and medical bills. HOLD aim is to provide its members with unique borrowing and P2P lending capabilities. It also allows users to utilize their existing digital currency holding, for instance, cash advances and even use cash advances from other willing users.

Mobile app prepaid card

The platform has a mobile app that allows users purchase things offline or online. You can also use the prepaid card to access your funds. With over 45 million retailer worlds, users find it easy to use the mobile app or prepaid card for any transactions they wish. However, HOLD offer members who don’t have either the prepaid card or mobile app and option of withdrawing from ATMs, they have over 3 million ATMs worldwide.

HOLD card holder can have every opportunity to earn token on the platform. On every purchase they make, the platform provides a 1% cashback in tokens. The percent is sent directly to the cardholder’s wallet. The cardholder can access the percent after it gets to their wallet.


The project conducted its ICO in three rounds. The first round is the private pre-seed round, followed by the public sale. During the public sale, the ETH will be accepted as a means of contribution. The sale will last for 28 days. During this time HOLD wants to reach a soft cap of USD 3.5 million and a hard cap of USD 11.3 million. 1 HOLD = 0.000004 ETH

HOLD Token

The HOLD platform uses the HOLD token as the primary token on the platform. The primary purpose of the token is to provide a cashback program, allow a membership system, and used to pay additional incentives. The tokens an ERC20 compatible token.

Token distribution

The Team plans to make 1.3 Billion tokens available during the token sale and other rounds. Out of the billions, 80%will go to the Public sale and the Presale. 10% will be kept as company reserve, 5% for advisors and another 5% for marketing.


The HOLD platform not only offers a solution to investors but also solidifies the cryptocurrency links through the solution. The platform utilizes the decentralizing feature in lending and borrowing markets provide members ways to escape traditional banking institutions and find better ways of investing.

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