What is Hive?

Hive (HVN)


Small businesses are the backbone of successful economies and the future dynamics. However, small businesses are facing liquidity hurdles. The liquidity gap is rising each day. With the invoice financing industry growing every year, Hive is a cryptocurrency platform that provides a new liquidity to SME market, purchasing micro invoices from trusted companies. The demand of invoice financing volume is huge and on the rise and Hive is offering a solution to bridge the liquidity gap.

The main aim of Hive is to create a central data from all invoices. The central data have a record kept of the issuer, the owner, and the payer. The invoices can be offered to the market for trading and they rapidly increase the liquidity available and create a central database of invoices available for auditing and scoring. To bridge the liquidity gap even further, Hive provides a technology that helps in credit checks to facilitate rapid and real-time auditing.

Features of Hive

Hive technology has six main features. The features allow the platform to offer better services and successfully bridge the liquidity gap. The features include:

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Credit Scoring

Credit scoring is a feature that helps in credit risk assessment. The credit scoring is an automated credit risk assessment feature that helps in risk assessment and management.

Hive Exchange

The Hive exchange is also an automated exchange process that allows the exchange process to be swift and successful.


All the offer of the platform is based on the customer’s history credit assessments, data and online profile.


Hive financing features make the instant availability of funds. Whenever funds are needed for any process and services on the platform, the funds are instantly made available with the financing features.

Customer invoice

The company submits all the invoices to the Hive exchange


The irreversible traceability of the invoices, such as due date, ownership, payment, etc. and makes the tradable assets.

Hive team

Hive team comprises of an executive team, advisors, and escrow that has the interest of making everybody benefit under the platform. Jure Soklic is the co-founder and CEO of the platform. Jure is an executive and consultant with extensive experience in the international financing industry. Dejan Jovanovich also a co-founder and CTO is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in leading large technology teams and software engineering. Other include Oliver Muldoon, Finance lead, Domen Ursic, CMO, Jure Sobocan, design Lead among other. The team has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency, software, finance and trading industry.

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