What is High-Performance Blockchain?

HPB (High-Performance Blockchain)




After years of development, finally, the blockchain technology has started to show the potential it has in various domains. However, there are some bottlenecks that need to be addressed. For instance, the ease of use restricts enterprise development

High-Performance Blockchain

from using the blockchain technology. With all the bottleneck, HBO is a blockchain based platform that hopes to eliminate the shame of killer apps in the technology, develop the infrastructure and create a new blockchain ecosystem for a true enterprise blockchain world. HPB (high-Performance Blockchain) is a blockchain hardware and software architecture that include a blockchain based platform and a chip acceleration engine that aims to realize the performance extension of distributed applications.

How it works

HPB is positioned as an easy-to-use performance platform that combines with industry depth to provide and meet real business needs. The process is accomplished by creating an architecture that created an application that is similar to an operating system. The application provides accounts, identify and authorize management, database, strategy management, asynchronous communications and thousands of FPGA and CPU scheduling. The blockchain can support millions of transactions per second by implementing a new architecture.

Feature of HPB

  • Chip-level acceleration engine: HPB has a chip-acceleration engine that makes it the first platform that provides accelerated hardware chips.
  • Software and hardware fusion: The platform integrates software system to hardware acceleration engine with depth customization
  • Millions of concurrent algorithms: HPB has a stable support for million concurrent through unique software and hardware architecture.
  • Open source: the HPB open source model attracts talented developers and promotes quicker software iteration. Users do not need to pay the use the software and it is offered for free to attract attention and improve usability.
  • Supports millions of users: The HPB platform can handle a massive amount of daily users and users’ data too.
  • Low latency: you are guaranteed timely feedback and confirmation within seconds. In case of any delays, it will affect the user experience and that’s why HPB makes users the offering user the best experience ever.


HPB plan started in 2017, the R$B team was established. The same years HPB V1.0 open-source went online. The team plans to launch industry solution, HPB V1.1, and Batch implement industry solution plans by 2018. The HPB V2.0 will go online in 2019.

After the two years of growth, the platform will be able to contribute to the community by providing them with valuable experiences of industry implementation, technology development and launching the official version of the platform.

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