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Hedgetoken (HGT) project is giving people an easier way to get exposure to the crypto market with the help of their professionally designed crypto indices. Hedge project as developing a platform that will allow users crypto traded indices and derivative trading. You can now manage your risks in the crypto market with hedge and derivatives and also have better exposure to the volatile crypto market. Hedge project is headed by Savo Lovsin who is the Head project manager. Savo has worked in the arbitrage trading companies and as a head of Financial Advisor in big companies. Other include Giovanni Lesna, product development, James Benedik, Investment analyst and Kristjan Dekleva, Investment analyst and other developers and analyst.

The hedge platform is focused on being the backbone for derivative through offering an ideal platform and through their flagship products, different instruments and Crypto traded indices (CTIs). The platform will allow investors to manage the risk exposure on the crypto market confidently. The hedge team launched professionally designed indices for the crypto market. The indices are the first of that sort to serve as a base for construction of the cryptocurrencies basket.

Hedge crypto indices

The hedge crypto indices are the first commercial indices that use official rules rulebooks. The indices will include cryptocurrencies top 30 indexes, the official Bitcoin price index and the crypto assets index among others. The indices will be applicable as a benchmark for crypto market and serve as a base for index-tracking instruments.


Index instruments

Index tracking instruments are a variety of instruments tracking the performance and the index. The instruments are tied to the index value and are available for trading, participants in the crypto market can trade single instruments or acquired and reserve basket of tokens in the short and long market. The derivative token is tied to the index value and made available for trading on crypto exchanges.

Crypto instrument platform

For investors who are interested in crypto markets, hedge project is focused on introducing a platform that is a “go to” marketplace for them. The platform offers access to professionally designed indices on cryptocurrencies and assets, traded basket and other relevant information on the crypto market such as valuation reports, market research, etc.

Hedge diversification and hedging are the key concepts in finance that every investor should take into account. The platform presents the best governance in index construction and governance using crypto indices that have official rulebooks.

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