What is Hdac?


There are many cryptocurrency projects that have been built by companies from all over the world. One of the projects is the Hyundai DAC or HDAC project that is built by the Hyundai BS&C Company which is based in South Korea. The company wants to create its blockchain specifically boils for the requirements on the internet of things. Uses the MultiChain and other technologies, HDAC plans to achieve convenience and reliability. It is also interesting to know that Hdac uses products of EYL to provide quantum random number generation that is safer for the blockchain.

What can generally be said about the platform?

The project is creating a blockchain that concentrates on the payment environments and internet of things. It also wants to create machine-to-machine payment system and the payments will not be limited. Users can use the DAC to perform services on the platform. Hdac combines public and private blockchains to reach the much-needed scalability. It will be based on the MultiChain technology.

One main application field of the Hdac project is the smart homes. The smart homes are where IoT is the most important thing. This means that to Hdac is concentrated on building providing IT services and building homes. It will also be able to create custom tokens on the Hdac platform.

Advantages of the platform

The Hdac project offers users and cryptocurrencies enthusiast some of the best benefits which include:

  • Clear vision
  • Fast implementation of Hdac economy
  • Established business of Hyundai BS&C
  • A Strong advisory board

Hdac token

Hyundai DAC wants to conquer the Korean market to become the leader in the region. The project has already collected 13 thousand BTCs from the Asian market. Hdac wants to open “Cafes de Block” in Seal where people can use the DAC coins and BTC. The DAC token is the fuel of the platform, it can be used for different functions on the platform. The project distributed 14% of its tokens in the Token generation Event. The other remaining 86% will be mined by participants. Also, in the end, 12 billion DAC will be available. The mechanism of token production is to try and maintain its intrinsic value.

Hdac crowdsale

The Hdac crowdsale will start on the 27 on November 2017 and end on 22 of December 2017. 7% of the token available will be sold to investors, another 7% for the company. 6000 BTCs will be available on the ICO and only the BTCs will be accepted. No other digital currency.

Project is no longer live

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