What is Hawala.Today?

Hawala.Today (HAT)


Traditional exchanges allow a lot of unnecessary fees and tariffs with intermediaries. Hawala.Today is a P2P crypto-fiat currency exchange platform that allows secure and near-instant exchanges worldwide. With the help of the exchange’s discovery mode, users can find each other with just a single click. Once a buyer or seller request something, Hawala.Today sends out notifications to other buyers and sellers which results in quick exchanges. The process does not require any intermediaries. Hawala-Today also solves the problems of financial dealing by removing hindering elements and by connecting tow people who want to sell and buy.

Hawala.Today benefits

Discover and find nearby buyers and seller instantly

Hawala.Today offer a simple and user-friendly app that lasts you search your area and find buyers and seller who are available. Users can carry a trust rating based on past interactions. Is also has cashed out options that last your convert coin in moments.

Completely anonymous interactions

All transactions on the Hawala.Today platform are anonymous. The interactions are performed on the Ethereum based platform which ensures privacy and security.

Anti-Money laundering screening

Users have to undergo a verification process as per the AML criteria. All verified users are able to transact any amount of money exceeding 600 USD.

15% accumulation interest

Users will accumulate 15% of interest in the first year. The token will be deposited in their wallets. Each subsequent year, the rate will decrease and drop down to 7.25% per year.

What makes Hawala.Today different?

Here are some of the things that make Hawala.Today different from other platforms. These things include:

  • P2P asset exchange contracts
  • Search for seller and buyers instantly using the app
  • Built on the Ethereum network
  • Cash cards
  • Completely anonymous P2P interactions
  • Anti-money laundering screening
  • Trust rating system in assessing transactions
  • No intermediaries
  • Low, one time fees.
  • Global Reach

Hawala.Today roadmap

Hawala.Today uses the Agile Software development model which means everyone has delegated tasks and coherent vision. During the Q2-Q4 of 2017. Concept and research for P2P exchanges were achieved. Website and prototype development exchanged listing and airdrops and testing for PoS Model will available. QI 2018, the platform will execute things like marketing campaigns, website rebranding, coin swap, PoS implementation among others.

Q2, 2018, Hawala.Today will offer limited beta testing and security where things like security /AML/KYC implementation will be achieved. The implementation of an ERC20-compatible token and other marketing campaigns will be done in the QI 2018.


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