What is Hackspace Capital?

Hackspace Capital(HAC)


Hackspace is an established platform that wants to create for creating a dynamic new bridge between the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technologies and crowdfunding world. The crypto has partnered with Encata, an elite designed prototype/engineering company for hi-tech startups, to bring both a new cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem to the public as well as an ongoing series of hardware products and related services. The Hackspace Capital platform was established in 2017 for the purpose of developing and investing in the early stage technology hardware and connected hardware startups. The platform also serves as an online shop where consumers can acquire services and products, creates and offered by Hackspace capital startups.

Hackspace token sale

Hackspace launched their token on September 19, 2017. The HAC tokens will be purchased and sold at the token sale. The token sale is providing the first and only opportunity for both investors and users. All HAC token holders are entitled to use their tokens to acquire newly developed hardware products and services from the company’s portfolio and other partner companies. Unlike the traditional cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding campaigns. Hackspace tokens allow token holders to acquire not just one piece of product, but any product or services in the portfolio. Consumers and token holders get up to a 20% discount up to 3 months before the official market entry.

Hackspace Capital Video Explanation

How does the Hackspace Capital work?

Hackspace Capital works in various stages. The steps include:


Hackspace provides startups with comprehensive facilities and support to guide products from initial concept to international sales.

Encata design and marketing

The company has partnered with Encata to provide a critical design engineering and prototyping work. It also has a separate marketing company under Encata, which provides marketing service to Hackspace startups.

Startup conveyor

Encata has referred to Hackspace superior products with superior management teams. These projects are generally products combining real-world devices with community-oriented and sophisticated operational software.

Hackspace management

Hackspace team is managed by a team of enthusiast and experts in the digital currency world. The CEO of the company is Mikhail Zhyvets, a system engineering degree holder from Belorussia on State University of Information and radio-electronics. Mikhail in involved in the game development industry for more than 12 years. Another expert on the platform is Oleg Kondrashov who is a CTO at Hackspace capital and the CEO at EnCata. He graduated from the faculty of mathematics and mechanics of Belarus State University. Michael Tavis and the CFO among other qualified and certified experts in the management team.



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