Gulden (NLG)




Gulden (NLG) is a new revolutionary platform payment technology. With NLG tokens, you will be able to send money to a normal bank account through IBAN, which is a useful feature for users to conveniently use NLG to pay bills with the use of cryptocurrency. The value of each Gulden token goes up with every new user that downloads the NLG’s wallet app and buy Gulden coins.


How NLG works?


You can actually buy the token directly from the website with a credit card depending on your bank, which aims to make the buying of Gulden tokens easier and more convenient. NLG allows the users to store their Gulden tokens on the NLG wallet, where you can easily gain access since it’s on your mobile phone.


They allow you to carry your money safe and secure with you. The users will be able to pay at all Bitcoin and Gulden merchants. Wiring their money to any IBAN bank account is made easy, fast, secure, and possible with the use of the Gulden app. According to NLG developers, they always want their users to place their money where they want it to be.

The key advantage of NLG Token:

  • Scalability- 4X faster than bitcoin
  • POW2- Enabling to put the excess of coins in a profit earning, similar to saving an account from one 1 month up to 3 years.
  • Faster transactions, with 1 or 2 confirmation required to confirm the transaction.


The price of each NLG coin will be greatly determined by its demand. The price could go up and down. According to NLG’s news way back in 2016, its price went up more than 100%. Gulden’s main aim is to allow people to do with their money. Storing, receiving and transferring is also made easier with NLG.


You can also get connected or follow Gulden’s updates and news on their official Twitter and Facebook pages. They also have a community where real users share ideas with one another. They give support to new users by paving a way where they can interact with crypto experts who can answer their questions easily and instantly.


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