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Physical safety is important to all, yet some people have no access to services such as 9-1-1. This is made even worse by congestion, expensive, corruption, and lawlessness in various countries and cities around the world and centralized governance. This problem requires a new approach to give everyone proper medical and access to emergency services. The Guardium network is a new class of protocol-based decentralized organization to facilitate, govern and update the emergency response. Using the GUARDUIM token, the protocol aims to provide an economic framework that supports and distributes the emergency response


The GUARDIUM is an NEP-5 token built on the NEO ecosystem. The token is marketed as a unique token designed to support and distribute the emergency response to billions of people worldwide without the use of government-sponsored emergency response. The token is designed for global safety and has already received praise and support from different governance. It also powers the global, decentralized 9-1-1 public utility of Guardian Circle.

Guardium features

  • Identity: this feature helps how users and providers identify themselves reliably and consistently on the network. They need to feel a form of secure identity to prevent spoofing.
  • Reputation: Entities and individual and establish a reputation in the network, including the response reputation.
  • Logging, Auditing, and Incident reporting: incidents are reported in an immutable distributed ledger, and outcomes are also reported.
  • Compensation: the process of compensation requires some form of adjudication, whether established as part of the post-facto arrangement or the pre-ordained contract.
  • Alerting: the network determines which possible respondents are alerted based on pre-established relationships, trust skills needed, proximity, user preferences, and other factors.
  • Contracts: there is always establishment of smart contracts for security purposes.
  • Liability: the network presents regional variations to handle variability I the legal exposure to protect the network itself and respondents.
  • Hardware API: this feature helps with Interfaces for devices that serve as interfaces to the network.

The timeline

  • Feb 28, 2018: the launch of Guardian Circle apps worldwide.
  • March 2018: token sale begins
  • April 2018: token sale ends
  • May 2018: distribution of tokens
  • August 2018: Beta release of an app through the Guardium protection contracts
  • December 2018: final release of apps
  • January 2019: worldwide expansion push.

Token supply

A total of 100 million tokens will be supplied. 45% will go to marketing and user adoption bounties, 30% token sale, 10% technology, another 10% to the team and 5% the early advisors and contributors. The network is founded by Mark Jeffrey, also the CEO.

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