What is Grid Foundation (GRID) ?

Grid Foundation (Grid)

Over the years, the blockchain community has experienced rapid development. The current blockchain technology and the application used are developing exponentially. Grid foundation offers the turning point in the blockchain industry. The grid is envisioned as a highly customizable OS and efficient. The Grid system consisting of one main chain and multiple side chains that are attached to the main chain. The system connects with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other Blockchain systems via an adaptor and to be compatible with popular ecosystems.

Features highlighted in Grid Foundation

The Grid foundation is a multi-chain parallel process blockchain framework that fulfills requirements to embrace commercialization. The main feature on the foundation include:

Self-evolving, main chain and side chain:

Customizable consensus protocols and that new features and updates are implemented.

Main chain and N side chains:

grid offer multi-chain structure for fulfilling commercial applications and reducing data redundancy.

Highly effective cross-chain communication:

using market tress, grid establishes cross-chain, communication system and indexing on the foundation.

Architecture optimization:

Grid has an architecture optimization on the operating system level. The feature offers minimum viable system, unified account system and contract collections on the foundation.

Fast transaction:

The Grid foundation provides parallel processing and cloud services that improve computation efficiency.

Operating system

Grid system created highly specialized and efficient chain structure to all kinds of business. The operating system also enables chain split to address capacity issues when the demand increases. The operating systems work is to achieve high customization and efficiency. It has features like

  • Block: The blocks are defined by the transactions performed on the platform.
  • Transactions: transactions are defined as a smart contract. The smart contract is necessarily a protocol that gives the same output with the same input.
  • Account: the account is used to separate the boundaries of data storage. It consists of a private key and public key systems.
  • Consensus protocol: a consensus protocol defines the authority to update state within the blockchain.
  • P2P network communication: an underlying P2P network is used for data transmission between nodes.

Who is behind Grid Foundation?

The Grid Foundation is led by a team of advisors and experts. Ma Haobo is the founder and CEO of Grid. Ma Haobo is a blockchain expert and an early adopter of digital assets. Chen Zhuling is the consulting MIT graduate and a member of the Grid Foundation team. Fu Li and Yang Yalong are other team members among others.

Project is no longer live

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