Golos (GOLOS) is a decentralized platform, which is based on the steemit platform. According to its developers, GOLOS aims to provide an opportunity for 300 million Russian-speaking people to publish various content on blogs that are written with quality. The Golos developers further added that they believe that there are still thousands of people who are not yet aware or haven’t have the access to the crypto world and by spreading content about the digital currencies will be the key of inform millions of people across the globe.


How Golos works?


The Golos basically works and targets Russian people to blog and have the opportunity to earn in steemit. The blogs will be posted on the steemit website (steemit.com). The Russian steemit users are one of the largest group of people in Steemit and according to Steemit, there’s a possibility that they will lose some potential investors and good content that the Russian people could potentially write.  



The platform’s creators realize the importance of Russian-speaking investors, so they have launched GOLOS (steemit-based) for both foreign and Russian users. The difference between Golos from Steemit is that it is a place where the Russian population can dominate. The Steemit users will not be required to register with GOLOS since all accounts will be automatically transferred towards the new platform to get the currency, which depends on the estimated account on their steemit account.


The GOLOS creators have further claimed that they are tying Golos to gold, not to US dollar of the Russian Rubble, which will be a great advantage for passionate gold investors. According to research, there are only 10-15% of the whole Russian population who can speak and write nearly as a native English speaker. The GOLOS developers are dedicating the platform for the 10-15% Russian people who can express themselves well in English and for that 85-90 % who can’t write and speak well in the English language.

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