What is Golem?

Golem (GNT)




According to the CEO of the Golem (GNT) project Julian Zawistowski, he can compare GNT to the folklore myth character- Golem. It is a creature from Jewish mythology. It’s a creation of man that collects all the bits of pieces of Gollum- primarily made from mud and create something that has sheer power and can do something that was never seen before. Golem project’s developers are highly convinced that shortly, the internet will be much more decentralized than it is today, and if this happens, it will require a new infrastructure that could support the potential changes.

GNT is a new way of distributing computing between computers over the public network. Public network means that everyone or anyone in public can gain access and through it, they can connect to the internet. It is where users can sell constant or redundant computation power to users who need it. It only means that you can compute your tasks on other people’s machine.

Technically, GNT is a peer-to-peer network, meaning that users join equal basis and there’s no central authority, or no one is more important than anyone else.


Users can use Golem’s percentage Computation for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-AI means intelligence that is done by machines, which requires a massive computation. You can split it into small tasks and distribute it to other network users to get the job done quicker. For example,  an architect that wants to do a 3D edition or model of a house to see how photo-realistic could it get. He/She can use GNT to split the task into smaller parts, then send it to the network, and every person will compute a small part of the image. After everything is done, they will send it back to the architect’s machine. GNT helps in putting up the small pieces together making the task simpler, easier, and much quicker.

The distributed computing is nothing new. You probably have encountered this in Cloud and web hosting services. Golem’s developers plan to use a not bunch or many servers somewhere in Google or Amazon, but it opens up the possibility of using the power of computers around you contributed to the network by other people or neighbors living in the same country or on the same continent for money. So, you pay them for using their computers.

Golem video explanation

Economics of GNT

The economics the business model comes down to commissions for every transaction between users of Golem network. It means that there will be fees that will be charged with every completed computing tasks. Anyone can join the GNT as consumers or producers of computation resources or switch between roles. Overall, GNT provides service for computational tasks.

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