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Globitex (GBX)



Digital currency exchanges are increasing at an alarming rate all over the world. Globitex is a new company introducing the lasted digital currency exchange in the blockchain and the cryptocurrency world. The Globitex exchange is one exchange that will allow everyone to trade money and commodities for Bitcoin. With unrivaled API capabilities, the institutional grade Bitcoin exchange will derivate trading venues and scale into a global spot. The aim of the exchange is it allows producers to purchase enhance listed goods and trading firms and Bitcoin and help speculators to hedge their risks in Bitcoin.

How does GBX work?

In a bid to facilitate the use of Bitcoin as the medium of exchange, GBX plans to use existing Globitex infrastructure and scale up into an exchange with exchange capabilities. It wants to be a place for standardized instruments and where major commodities are listed with physical delivery. Also, the exchange plans to be placed where Bitcoin is used as the underlying currency.

GBX token and token sale

The Globitex platform will use the GBX token and the token sale to scale the already existing Globitex exchange infrastructure. With necessary industrial trading level, the exchange has the needed capacity to accommodate commodities listing and money markets. The aim of the token sale is to help the exchange accomplish its business development goals and enable the team to use the proceeds of the token to achieve further goals set forth. The public sale begins on 10th February 2018.


Globitex exchange was launched in Q2 of 2017. By Q4 of the same year, the exchange announced its public ICO and launched the Bitcoin Cash trading, deposits, and withdrawals. Also, it partnered with many institutions during that period. Globitex plans to open Public launch of Globitex services in the first quarter of 2018 followed by the token sale and launch of additional cryptocurrency trading pairs. Other services like additional fiat trading pairs and OTF licensing will happen in the second and third quarter of 2018 respectively.

Who is behind Globitex?

The Globitex exchange is led and a team of experts in cryptocurrency and trading. The chairman of the exchange is Jon Matonis, Liza Aizupiete, managing director, and Arvis Ermis, director, and head of compliance at the exchange. Other team members are Maris Kaneps, director, and head of IT, Uldis Teraudkalns chairman of the supervisory board in addition to board members and other team members.

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