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Businesses operating online from all over the globe are experiencing DDoS attacks. These attacks have led to an incredible amount of money lost, and loss of consumer trust and crisis PR. Gladius is a decentralized solution that helps businesses against DDoS attacks. The platform allows business owners to protection pools to provide better protection and accelerate contents. Anyone can protect and accelerate their website using Gladius, which has an easy to use interface and powerful insight tools.

Gladius products

Gladius products are tailored to the needs of their consumers to keep the comforts and usability of the traditional protection services. Its products include:

  • Gladius desktop Client: people can rent their computer’s spare network bandwidth and start earning using the Gladius token.
  • Gladius Web Portal: Monitor your bandwidth usage and attacks at the same time gaining insights into your traffic all from an easy to use Gladius Web Portal.
  • Gladius Network Pools: you can browse and select a market pool that perfectly fits your availability, location, and price.

Benefits of using Gladius


Since Gladius fight DDoS attacks, what are the benefits of using the platform?

Stop DDoS attacks

Gladius stops DDoS attacks before they get close to your server by using industry leading techniques and technologies.

Accelerate content

You can speed up your access and the access of your clients to your site by caching static content close to each client.

Rent out bandwidth

Make money by putting your unused internet connections into use. Gladius always its users to rent out bandwidth using a Gladius node which allows them to make extra coins.

Manage Gladius token

You can purchase tokens, check your token balance and receive tokens as well when using Gladius.

Create pools

Users of the Gladius platform can set prices, manage their nodes and make extra money using the platform.

Inspect transactions

Every transaction is public record. If you wish to know how your transactions went, you can inspect the transactions and make sure you are getting a good deal.

Grow in size

By changing to a new protection pool, users can grow their protection with ease.

Meet the Gladius team

The Gladius team is made of advisors and managers. Max Niebylski is the founder and CEO of Gladius, Jeremy Epstein, marketing advisor, Joseph Stenberg Cyber Security Advisor, Michael Terpin PR Advisor among others. Max has over 8 years of experience in entrepreneurship and programming while other team members have years of experience in other industry related fields.

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