What is Gifto?

Gifto (Giftos)



Gifto is a decentralized universal gifting Protocol for content creators. The protocol is designed to allow instant, private payments via customized gifts. The new blockchain protocol announced their plans to sell at least $30 million tokens in their upcoming token sale. And also plans to roll out their token and platform to 20 million users by the first quarter of 2018. What makes Gifto even better than other gift and cryptocurrency platforms is that it has partnered with Kyber Network to allow content creators and its users to exchange tokens easily on the Gifto platform.

How does Gifto work?

Being a new decentralized universal Gifting protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain, Gifto introduces a new way to unlock limitless earning for content creators from all over the world. The aim of the protocol is creating a consumer-driven ecosystem that will be able to incentivize quality content generation independent while fostering a deeper relationship between audience and content creators. The Gifto protocol works in three ways which include:

Customized gifts: gift created by the protocol has its unique nature and character. Users can add elements of fun into the gift making process.

Building the gifting Ecosystem: Users can open up gift creation and collaboration to masses of other users and create new markets.

Cross-platform: You can send and receive Gifto tokens and any other social media platform using the Gifto protocol

Gifto timeline

Gifto is preparing to deeply some of its components like the Gifto wallet in Uplive by the end of 2017. Phase 1 of its roadmap includes working on external content platforms using the Gifto centralized protocol. QI of 2018 is when Phase 2 will take place and it includes the Beta version where the decentralized Gifto Protocol will be working in the external environment.

Phase 3 included the commercial version and Gifto protocol launch and Q3 of 2018 going forward will include ongoing iterations and expansions.

Gifto team

Gifto team brings deep experience from highly scalable consumer systems to gamification to tier 1 alternative global banking solutions experience. The team is led by Andy Tain (CEO) a serial entrepreneur and experienced leader. Andy is also a payment expert and an inventor. Also in the team is Charles Thach, who is the Chief crypto officer on the platform. Charles has over 15 years of experience as a seasoned banker.

According to Andy the main goals of the Gifto protocol is to be the first company to roll out a consumer-focused blockchain platform. That is what Gifto is all about.

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