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Genesis Vision is a platform that combines traders, exchanges, investors, and brokers with an aim of been an all-in-one platform for privates investment management. Genesis Visions combines everyone into a decentralized, transparent and open network with the goal of making the financial market more global. Overall, GVT seeks to be the first best platform for the private trust management market, to achieve the goal, Genesis Vision uses smart contracts and is built on the Blockchain technology. Investors can use the platform to purchase any tokens for any investment manager. Users can also gain access to a variety of financial markets.

How does GVT work?

Genesis Vision unit brokers, traders, and exchanges into one platform. Users of the platform can gain access to all brokers, manager and financial instruments including all assets from a single interface. Managers and funds can create their branded cryptocurrency, collects investment and enjoy unlimited trading strategy scaling from the Genesis Vision fund, finally, brokers can use the platform the increase their trading volume, access open source software and enjoy free participation.

GVT features

Internal exchanges of manager cryptocurrencies

Genesis Vision has an internal exchange where managers’ cryptocurrencies can be exchanged. It is a place where investors can sell or buy managers’ tokens. Each token will only be available directly from the manager for a certain price. Eventually, the prices will be listed on the internal exchange.

Smart contracts

Genesis Vision uses Ethereum smart contracts as the core of their project, the use the smart contracts to interact with integration modules and distribute the profits between token holders, registry investors, create manager accounts, register new brokers, fund, and exchange and issue manager coins.

Integration with trading platforms

Brokers can integrate Genesis Vision with their trading platform using plug-ins that they have to install. The brokers can then participate in the trading platform of their choice and enjoy the increased trading column. All these thanks to Genesis Vision users.

Client Applications

Users can use Genesis Vision to interact with a web application and a mobile app. The apps allow managers and investors to perform necessary actions, including viewing a list of trading managers and investing in managers.

Convenient and easy investment

Investors can build investment strategies and make profits. Manage tokens purchased during the investment period will be sold on the internal genesis Vision exchange at any moment.

Genesis Vision team

GVT is led by a Blockchain Architect and CEO Ruslan Kamensky, COO Dmitry Nazarov, CMO Andrey Kulikosvkiy and Fintech expert Alexey Kutsenko.

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