What is Genaro?

Genaro (GNX)




Genaro network is a Turing-Complete blockchain based network. It claims to be the first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem that aims to provide blockchain developers with an easy-to-use solution where they deploy smart contracts and store data. Genaro is designed as a one-stop service for developers. They can access a trustworthy online sharing community. Typically, when a platform is based on the blockchain 3.0, it means that Ethereum was blockchain 2.0 and bitcoin 1.0. Genaro also offers users with the Genaro Accelerator and Genaro hub. The two are designed to promote the development of DApps on the platform.

How Genaro works

Genaro has the initial goal of creating a Turing-complete public blockchain with a decentralized storage network. The network is the backbone of a new ecosystem if decentralized applications that are supposed to be built on the network. The application uses Genaro because they need access to blockchain based big data, including data from artificial intelligence platforms, the internet of things and other technologies.

Genaro products

There are three core products of the Genaro platform. These products include:

  • Genaro Network: the Genaro network as the “revolution of blockchain 3.0.” It is a platform that provides blockchain developers with a one-stop solution for deploying smart contracts.
  • Genaro Hub: Genaro Hub is a revolutionary workspace where concepts of co-living, coworking and cocreating are combined. The three are linked together, but a business and social community that utilize Genaro ecosystem.
  • Genaro Accelerator: this product is an incubation and acceleration platform designed to support decentralized app development within the Genaro network. Genaro Accelerator provides technical expertise, mentorship, community funding and marketing support to allow projects and teams succeed.

Genaro benefits and features

Efficient and permanent server

Genaro stores data on multiple nodes instead of a single centralized node. This allows the platform, to protect your data and ensure data is retrievable at all times.

Affordable storage solution

The platform hopes to create a cheaper storage solution that the current services offered by other platforms. The network operates as a fully competitive market, allowing users to bid.

Decentralized and secure storage system

The Genaro network stores vital data for individual’s users and decentralized apps. Data is encrypted and separated into pieces and distributed randomly to nodes on the blockchain.


Genaro is co-founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs with years of experience in the industry. The team comes from all over the globe and consist of contributors and advisor. The network is co-founded by Waylon Wu and Larry Liu.


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