What is Gems?





Gems is a  decentralized mechanical Turk protocol based on the Ethereum protocol. The protocol can be used for contracting workers to make sure they perform micro tasks and stake tokens to prove the validity of the task and earn a reusable computed trust score. The process enables democratized access to scalable microtask and enhances the cost-efficiency of the network. Furthermore, the network facilitates efficient operations and extension of a micro-task community to deploy micro-task miners reliably.

How the Gem network works

The Gem Network has three levels, gems protocol, Gems platform, and Modules. The Gem protocol assesses the validity of the work and participants using the Dapps on the protocol. The Gems platform is built on the protocol and it works is to pair requester and workers for micro-tasks. The modules work is to allow for reusable open-source task interfaces to be built in the Gems protocol. The aim of the three layers is to allow everyone to build on the Gems protocol using creative and innovative verification methods.

Problems that Gems solve

The Gems protocol main aim is to solve issues that people face when using other platforms and protocols. First, its main aim is to reduce consensus redundancy, increase pay for workers and at the same time reduce total pay for requestors, eliminate large fees, enable computer literate workers, create efficient interfaces and allow others to build innovative Dapps on the protocol.


Gems Staking mechanism: This feature provides a disincentive for malicious actors and enhances the efficiency of the network.

Gems trust Score: this is an indication of how reliable the workers or the requestor is. It shows the accuracy, efficiency, and consistency of an individual.

Gems Platform and module: This is a marketplace for matching requestors and miners. There are no fees charged for central admin, users only need to utilize the GEM token and Gems protocol. The marketplace also eliminates existing economies inefficiencies.

Gems Payment system: The Gems payment system allows for secure transactions on the Ethereum network. It is used by requestors, miners and verifiers alike to increase cost efficiency on the network.

The team

Gem protocol team consists of the founding team and a team of advisors. Among the founding team is co-founder Rory O’Reilly and graduate in psychology and economics from Harvard University. Another core member of the founding team is Kieran O’Reilly also a graduate from Harvard University but this time in computer science. Team advisors include Biz Stone and Joey Krug among others.

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