What is Gameflip?

Gameflip (FLIP)





The blockchain and cryptocurrency markets and bigger, more now they have ever been. The will constantly continue to grow as the technology grows. A lot of startup and cryptocurrencies are appearing each day, investors are becoming overwhelmed by them. Gameflip is one of the platforms. What is Gameflip and how does it work to benefit its users?

What is Gameflip?

Gameflip is an ecosystem that is dedicated to improving the infrastructure of the games industry. It improves the infrastructure on game sales between gamers. The platform was established in 2014 with a vision of improving the game industry. Since then it has taken shares in the industry and has become responsible for millions of transactions for digital goods. Gameflip launched is new cryptocurrency, the FLIP token and is planning to launch other services in the year 2018. It will become completely operational in 2019.

How will the FLIP token work?

With various problems facing the game industry, the FLIP token will be used to solve most of these problems. The first problem that it plans to solve is the problem of gamers using million to buy games, but lose their value when they play and finish. The FLIP token will be used to create an environment where gamers can trade their games freely and without losing value.

The Flip token will also be used on the trade system which also uses the blockchain technology, which is based on the Proof-of-Stake system. This way gamers can use tokens to trade currencies and games amongst themselves.

Gameflip features

Top gaming marketplace: Gameflip offers users a marketplace where over 2 million gamers will transact millions of USD on a monthly basis and over 10 million raised from the Silicon Valley VCs.

Gaming industry experts: The Gameflip team built Aerie games into a %100 million game publishers. The team has experience of Electronics Arts, Big point, and GREE.

Fast path for FLIP growth: Within just three months, Flip tokens will be the only payment method on Gameflip ecosystem.

Benefits of FLIP decentralized ecosystem

  • Users of the Flip decentralized ecosystem are set to benefit from the following:
  • Real ownership of digital goods
  • Substantial; incentives for game publishers
  • Transact instantly without fraud
  • Free and open-sourced SDKs.

FLIP token

Gamers can purchase digital goods for over US$100 billion each year. Most of the digital goods are locked within games and the FLIP infrastructure is designed to promote liquidity, security, and transparency required by gamers.



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