What is GameCredits?

GameCredits (GAME)





 GameCredits is digital currency designed to facilitate in-game payments on a global scale. It is based on trusted Blockchain technology means the game credits are instant. Transferring game credits in any direction take up to a few minutes.

     The GMC is secure, every transaction is permanently recorded in a peer-to-peer ledger called the Blockchain, and it can’t be altered at any time. It is decentralized, GMC’s value is established through global adoption to which there is no central entity. It’s anonymous, which means every user has their unique address and that’s all it takes for you to use game credits.

   These features have attracted a lot of crypto enthusiasts, according to them it’s an ideal in-game monetization, payment method, and best of all using GMC is just as easy as playing the game. It allows you to chat, share, and talk with other GMC users.

   Purchasing game credits are made easy with GMC; you can use any of your favorite internet payment methods such as Visa, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. Additionally, you can buy GMC at any major market and bid it for a better price. It also allows you to mine game credits with a simple click of a button, which means you are now generating them using your computer.

GamesCredits video explanation

Where will my game credits be stored?

All your credits are kept safely tucked away in your wallet behind several levels of security. You can use them anytime and do with them whatever you like. Whether you purchase game credits via PayPal or Skrill, your credits will be shown on your balance almost instantly. GMC allows users to use their credits in any game that accepts game credits.

One of its features is all the credits are still in your wallet; there’s no need for users to worry about leftovers in the games. Users can just simply switch games and keep using their credits or earn even more. GMC can be used to buy shares in games that are still in development as well.



  • Get GMC from  Coinspot  with AUD fiat money

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