What is Game.Fund?




GAME.FUND is a blockchain based platform with an aim of building a platform where people of the community can play games, exchange game experience, and developed games. It is also building a place where users can confirm rights and trade other digital assets. GAME.FUND leverages the power of the blockchain to create a decentralized consensus that can be used to contribute pricing and returns interests righty’s for User Generate Content. The allows users, content producers, community promoters, the content selecting critics and players get a reasonable incentive and punish the development and growth of the platform and the community in general.

Features of GAME.FUND

Real return of power

The GAME.FUND network allows a real return of power to the community. This process establishes a positive competition mechanism of democracy on the platform and allows for evaluation work by players for games work and work commons. The process and fair and transparent. There is no interference from outside sources.

Grasp the original source

The GAME.FUND contract with an excellent team and original works to reserve content strategic resources. It also has mature game crowdfunding, help developers realize their dreams and make hatchery and BCreater.io for Japanese and Chinese independent developers.

Play without downloading or installing

GAME.FUND offer the click to play option which means you don’t need to download and install any game in order for you to play on your device. The only thing you need to do is convert the existing large and high-quality native games into a click to play H5(Instant APP)  mode to reduce promotion cost.

This platform allows for the historic behavior of critics and developers to be imprinted in the blockchain. The reason behind this idea is to make everything traceable and to allow no one to tamper with the data on the blockchain.


The Platform used an SDK, which is based on the blockchain. This SDK helps in realization of decentralizing game account and right of perforation across game trade.

Benefits of GAME.FUND

There are several benefits of GAME.FUND. The game crowdfunding community where members can invest in outstanding creative projects and obtain returns and a Tailored Create Tool that provides users with the only international high-quality game engine found only in Chinese BCreator.io. Other benefits are a live broadcast system, M system, and High-level comment, face the opinion of fans, high-quality games distribution platform and interactive community among others. The main team of the platform consists of Ali Dagli, Thomas Lindgren, Olivier Wu and Frank Liu among others.

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