What is Galaxy eSolutions?

Galaxy eSolutions (GES)



Galaxy eSolutions or GES is a global cross-border e-commerce business set to become the market leader in refurbished and pre-owned consumer electronics sector. The company has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Galaxy eSolutions want to sell refurbished electronic to people across the world. Refurbished consumers electronics refers to used electronics that are cleaned, repaired then put on sale. In most cases, the electronics look brand new once they are on display, although they have technically been used before. It’s more like buying a pre-owned vehicle.

How does galaxy eSolutions work?

Galaxy eSolutions is a global marketplace for refurbished electronics like smartphones and others. The company takes pre-owned electronics, cleans them, repair them and then sell them, for a discount rate online. The entire process is managed by galaxy eSolutions without partnering with any other refurbishment company now any online retailers. A customer of the platform can buy refurbished electronics from 26 countries. The platform revolves around the use of GES tokens.

Galaxy eSolutions benefits and features

Galaxy eSolutions is not the only company that operates refurbished space, there are other companies with similar similarities. However, there are features and benefits that make GES different from other companies. These features and benefits include:


GES offers all consumers 13-month warranty for all the electronics you buy through the platform. They describe the warranty as unmatched for professionally refurbished electronics.

Speed to market

GES promises to get consumer electronics to market more quickly. The company controls the whole supply chain, including all the processes required before reaching the market. They don’t wait for third-party refurbishment companies or suppliers.


The company controls every stage of the refurbishment processes to emphasize on lower costs. They have a refurbishment company that cleans and refurbishes all the electronic the buy before repairing them, then selling them in the GES marketplace.


GES uses its branding to build consistent consumer expectations across products. This encourages buying because customers will recognize the platform as a trusted refurbishment provider.

GES products and platform

GES uses a variety of platforms to sell refurbished electronics instead of using a single consumer-facing website. These platforms and other products they sell include:

  • YAB phones
  • NDBD
  • Mobile Freak
  • Android Reborn

About the team

The GES team is led by co-founder and CEO Yuen Wong and CTO Joe Chan. Other key team members include Erik Hohmann, CMO, Chris Wong, COO, and other professionals like Simon Choi, who is a Fintech, Blockchain and global ICO lawyer.



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