What is GagaPay?





GAGAPAY is a blockchain based platform with an all-in-one smart marketing platform that is powered by the NEO smart contracts. The platform help users to become the next Airbnb, Amazon, Dropbox of ant other successful referral marketing. According to the official website, the platform aims to make the word of mouth the most effective type of marketing than other marketing services. The team behind the platform aims at creating a customer affiliate, loyalty program, and referral program in an easy and non-time and resource consuming way.

How does the platform work?

This is how the official website explains how the platform works, “While existing blockchain powered platforms offer to host only affiliate or referral programs, our platform will allow creating a combination of affiliate, referral, network marketing, and loyalty and bounty programs – all under a single account.”

The problems Gagapay is willing to solve

Some of the issues that Gagapay wants to solve include creating loyalty programs, referral, and affiliate easy. Also, they aim to me wake the word of the mouth marketing more effective over ads. According to Gagapay, the network allows annual membership to create and host a combination of offered programs with just an account instead of creating more than one.

Features of the platform

Drag and drop interface: users have the change to enjoy a simple drag and drop interface that has ready-made templates and an intuitive design.

One membership account: you don’t have to create two and more accounts, one account can be used for Loyalty, network marketing and bounty program on the platform.

Smart contract: GAGAPAY offer secure, transparent and reliable smart contracts that self-execute instant reward payouts.

Integration: The platform is aimed at both non-blockchain and blockchain business which allows them to integrate fiat currencies with payment plug-ins.

Crypto platform: users can seamlessly integrate with Gagapay crypto platform to store, exchange or use their crypto rewards via debit card and mobile payments.

Who can use the network?

The Gagapay network can be used by individuals and enterprises. Some of the benefits both of them will enjoy include:

  • Open API
  • Secure login
  • Real-time performance reports
  • Instant reward payments
  • Real-time performance analysis and tracking
  • Comprehensive overview
  • Support for fiat and crypto payments plug-ins.


The team includes IT, finance and marketing enthusiasts. It is led by CEO Raitis Kaucis, CTO Dmitrijs Sekundo, Marketing Project Manager Ieva Kauce, Investor Relations, Valts Dalbins, Community Manager, Kristaps Rudzitis and Customer Relations, Renate Plesane.


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