Funfair (FUN)



FunFair (FUN) is a decentralized gaming platform. The games on it will be built in HTML5, which means that the games will be preloaded, so users can play with it online without having to wait for minutes. According to FUN developers, they are aiming to provide complete transparency efficiency and great user experience for their users.


How do FunFair works?


The real-life application of FunFair is that it will allow the users create low-cost blockchain technology casino quickly and receive the rewards straight away. There will be no servers used since it’s a blockchain-based technology, so this is going to decrease the cost of operation significantly, and it’s going to come with preloaded games, which is aforementioned before that the providers can use on their casinos.


The FunFair tokens are called FUN for short, which is going to be the currency that will be used throughout the platform. It will be used to interact with small contracts (set of rules and regulations that every party involved should follow), and it’s going to ensure that every participant is rewarded for the contribution as well as it will deal with incoming payment requests from credit card network in real-time.

Funfair video explanation

Tokens usage


FUN tokens are going to be used for everything basically on the platform, so players will buy FUN tokens and use those tokens to play the games as well as win them, if they win the game, the operators will get FUN revenue if they bring in new players. The affiliates will also get the tokens. The game makers or game publishers will also earn FUN tokens.


The FunFair’s team of developers are based in the United Kingdom, in London to be precise. There are currently nine team members and ten advisers, they all have plenty experience in casinos and gambling, they do have a lot of activities in their social media accounts.  



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