What is FundRequest?

FundRequest (FND)



FundRequest fund has finally released a funding platform that promises to bring change in the funding industry. The platform is designed to incentivize and make it easy to fund open issues on almost all platform in all the languages available. It is meant to break down the barriers typically associated with open source projects. The platform is also built specifically for funding, claiming and rewarding of open source contributions. It provides a support layer and a full enterprise support team.

How does it Work?

FundRequest (FND) is a decentralized platform where contributors get compensated for their work. The decentralization allows participants to remain in control of their funds. Payouts and payments are made by the participants. The payments are cleared on the Ethereum blockchain without any interference from any third party institutions or a bank. The use of technologies and open source platforms, from WordPress to Linux has been adopted by the industry and business over the past decade. FundRequest plans to make the situation even better.

The basic overview of how FundRequest process works

Funding a request

To get started, FundRequest only accepts FND tokens. The token is used for the pilot versions of the FundRequest. Pilot users need an active FundRequest account. Users need to download the Browser plugin buttons they can choose to fund the issue.

Solving A request

The issues solved in FundRequest are solved by either best bug fix, providing the best answers or providing a solution. Contributors who offer the solution will be notified and rewarded.

FundRequest plugin allows users to fund an open request on networks like Github. After confirming the transaction, the amount is sent to an Ethereum blockchain where it is validated and processed. Ticketing requesting is also managed on the independent networks and claiming of rewards is managed through the smart contracts generated by the platform.

FundRequest benefits

  • FundRequest offers several benefits to different parties. The platform offers:
  • Developers are rewarded for their effort and time in supporting open source projects. Developers can decide to donate the rewards to their favorite charity if they don’t want them
  • Users can fund an issue that impacts them or contribute to raising funds for the implementation of any feature they desire’ business, on the other hand, can build a custom support package that is tailored to their needs.

FundRequest creates a market for projects with a high business value which stimulates source collaboration. FundRequest is an innovative and ambitious platform that is designed to facilitate cooperation. It aims to make the open source industry more efficient.

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