What is FundOs?

FundOS (FOS)



FundOS (FOS)is a blockchain based next generation cryptocurrency operation platform that aims at helping different types of investors including investment managers, individual investors, and investment platform managers make safe, fast and efficient investments. The asset operating system is based on smart contracts. The platform allows investment platform managers or investment managers to initiate smart investment contracts on the FundOS platform. Institutional investors or individual investors have a choice of deciding whether to invest in the smart investment contracts based on the FundOS blockchain.

There are three features that are found in the FOS smart investment contracts trading system. They include:

Big Data Analysis

The FundOS system provides a set of analytic tools for real-time transactions. The tools help the initiator to build a transaction strategy quickly.

Transaction strategy management

Using the smart investment contract initiator, investors can create their own transaction strategy that is not available to the public but distributed to all smart investment contracts. The transaction strategy management can be traded through FOS community.

System status surveillance

Features of the FundOS system

Aside from the features on the FOS smart contract trading system. The FundOS system has it feature the makes the platform unique and different from other investment platforms. These features include:

  • Crypto asset transaction for smart contracting
  • Artificial intelligence for automated investments
  • Funds trading for refined and transparent trading
  • High-level security to allow for secured funds
  • 24/7 hours for monitoring global marketplace.

System real-time supervises the operation status of smart contract returns, contracts and so on. The initiators set up an alarm mechanism to receive related news on benchmarks. It can also immediately stop gains or losses from an open-end investment platform.

FundOS token

FundOS token abbreviation is FOS. FOS is a native digital currency issued to users on the FundOS platform. FOS is the oil that keeps the entire FundOS system running. The token has different features to support the system. It shows all the feature on the system and balances them at the same times serving as the medium of value on the FundOS system. Serving as the medium of the system in the main function of FOS. Users can complete investments, paying fees, transactions and user fees on transaction strategies using the token.

The FundOS system is co-founded by three people, including Jerry Young the CEO, Daniel Fu the CTO and Richard Loo the COO. Kevin Yum is the blockchain expert on the platform.

Project is no longer live.

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