What is Friend Platform?

Friend Unifying Platform



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Friend Unifying Platform claims to be the first open sourced virtual cloud computing platform that puts users in the driver’s seat. It is a powerful platform for developers because it connects arbitrary technologies and deploys them to the internet. Friend, as commonly known, reduces development expenses by offering a framework for users, access and file management. It also offers a graphical user interface with a window manager that works on almost all platforms with web browsers. Friend also provide a virtual computer template that allows organizations deploy applications and services without any need of a deployment cost.


Friend Video Explanation

Friend’s features

Your digital home

Friend have a feature known as friends cloud, the Friend cloud offers users a home in the cloud. It allows people to securely and easily access all their data, apps and services on their devices. This means you can access everything wherever you go.


The platform is a social computer which allows you to interact with your colleagues and friends around the world in an easy way. You can contact them using several ways available on the platform.


Everybody loves a platform where transactions, information’s and other services are secure. Friends allow you to store all your data securely and at the same time access the data from anywhere.

Decentralized internet

The internet on Friend is decentralized. Users can connect directly with each other by connecting their devices at the edge to power their experience. The feature is a new paradigm and friends will take it to a new level by using its power for your computer and workspace.

How to use the Friend Cloud computer?

The Friend platform uses a virtual computer to form a liquid software solution that decouples applications from hardware. The process helps in providing people with a digital environment which they can access anywhere in the world.

Who is behind Friend?

The team Behind Friend is led by founder, Chief Architect and Chief Operations officer, Hogne Titlestad and Co-founder and CEI Erne Peder Blix. Chief Technology Officer is Thomas Wollberg and Paul Lassa is the Chief product Officer among others. The team has over 120 years of engineering experience. It includes several successful entrepreneurs who have proven experience in building companies and the commercial team has years of experience in business development.

Being a free, open source web-based technology, Friends provides interfaces, which unify protocols and APIs. It abstracts technologies using a powerful OS template which in turn decreases the logical and behavioral difference between system and application.


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