What is Fortuna?

Fortuna (FOTA)

With improved operational efficiency, increased liquidity, enriched derivate market, and algorithmic regulations, building a trust network have been seen to be easy by many people. However, building a transparent blockchain based platform for OTC derivate markets requires more than just building a trust network. The Fortuna Platform is a platform for OTC derivate market. The platform is made of three layers including a bottom layer, core component layer, platform services component layer and finally the application layer. The whole ecosystem is built on the blockchain technology include the decentralized quote scheme, the structured smart contract, interaction design and the table definition.

Advantages of Fortuna

Increase liquidity in OTC Derivate market

Fortuna embraces the global liquidity regardless and the multi-currency and physical barriers.

Makes a trust network

The Fortuna form makes sure it solves and manages the problems that are a risk to OTC derivate market. It has unique DPOSA consensus algorithm, decentralized quote scheme, structured smart contract and digitalized Margin account supervisor for that purpose.

Enrich the market

Fortuna enables users to create a variety of derivate by choosing an asset-class and at the same time design different deal structure and set restrictive clauses. The platform is an incubator to all innovative derivate contracts and offer tools for risk management and hedging.

Improve operational efficiency

The main aim of FORTUNA is to improve the operational efficiency for global OTC Derivate marketing starting with contract creation, contract signing, price quoting, trading and clearing based on the technical features

Every user motivation

Fortuna supports PrC and PuC trading mode. The PrC trading mode allows users to launch a P2P derivate transaction for free and the PuC mode offers users the opportunity to be market makers for a new type of derivate contracts.

Fortuna technical features

Fortuna has some of the best technical features that make it a better place for Global OTC derivate markets. Some of the features include:

  • Innovative consensus of DPOSA
  • Support PUC and PrC trading mode
  • FOTA value locking mechanism
  • Structured smart contracts with CoT, contract layer, and main contract
  • Decentralized quotes scheme with QC and SVD equity management

Who is behind Fortuna?

The Fortuna team includes people like Brain Cai, Jason Tao, Tony Zhang, Z.T. Luan, Yuhan Liu, Sophie Shi, Cong Li and Andy Yang. The team has years of experience between them with Andy having worked at the core department in Shanda, Baidu, and Tencent. He has years of experience with highly available system architecture and data process and also entered quantitative investment areas in the past.

Project is no longer live

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