What is Fluz Fluz?

Fluz Fluz (FLUZ)



There are many ways people can use to obtain massive income. However, you need a serious effort at the beginning in order to obtain passive income. Without a good start, it’s impossible to obtain any income leave alone passive income. Fluz Fluz is an innovative consumer network that brings about the possibility of earning passive income by allowing users to buy digital gift cards and accrue cash backs on invited friends’ purchases. The approach of making these a possibility is leveraging the buying power of a network to obtain cashback and discounts from big service and product companies.

How does Fluz Fluz work?

Fluz Fluz power comes from the network members generating cash backs rewards through daily household purchases and their shopping habits of a social network. In the Fluz Fluz model, each members’ network grows through 15 subsequent levels. The total cash back is split into halo between the participating upstream network and the purchasing Fluzzer. Users can download the App and purchase a relevant gift card at the Fluz Fluz online store and earn cashback once another person you invited makes a purchase.

According to Fluz Fluz, the network has three reasons to succeed. The three reasons are:

  • Over 2000 global brands like Nike, Netflix and uber are part of the Fluz Fluz cashback network.
  • The network has an already working app that can be integrated to merchant locations and used by over 40k users daily.
  • The network is attacking the market estimated from $62 billion to $12 trillion.

The Fluz Fluz token

The Fluz Fluz network uses the FLUZ token as its blood. The FLUZ token is locked for trading before the launch of activation platform. The FLUZ Token can be used to buy premier seats in the Fluz Fluz global consumer network. If you happen to qualify as a token holder, you will be able to activate premier network seats before the general public buys them


Fluz Fluz ICO is used to finance the development of new protocols and projects. The network plans the gradual adoption of the Blockchain technology for pervasive safety and transparency which brings innumerable benefits to individuals and entities.

Benefits of Fluz Fluz

The main benefits of the Fluz Fluz network is that:

  • Everyone participating in the platform wins
  • Merchants gain permanent entries
  • The buying and redeeming of the gift card are easier.

The Fluz network was founded by Stefan Krautwald and also the MD and Maurice Harary also an MD on the platform. The team includes replaceable facilitators too.



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