What is Fluence?

Fluence (FPT)



In the digital world today, there are various data links that exposed people’s personal data to potential wrongdoers and evil hackers. Many platforms are unable to deal with the data leaks leaving people frustrated, if you are looking for a secure and confidential platform that keeps your data safe from prying eyes, then you should consider using Fluence.

What is Fluence?

Fluence (FPT) is a decentralized encrypted database for secure and sensitive data blockchain technologies. Moreover, Fluence allows data owners to monetize, store and share any structured data via the smart contracts. With the goal is becoming a go-to database from the decentralized internet application, Fluence offers investor, developers and other users the best platform where all their data will be kept safe from all the prying eye online and on the platform. To achieve its goals, the platform has three main features. Also, it has the tokenized data economy, decentralized database, and storage market, what are these features and how do they work?

Decentralized database

The decentralized database is a structured data storage. It allows the execution of data queries on the nodes that make things easy for developers of decentralized apps. For a developer to create an infinite, censor resistance and fault tolerant apps, Fluence is building an ecosystem where owners are incentive to store all the data published to Fluence. The decentralized database is designed to store only structured data, but not raw files.

Storage market

Storage market help users or storage owners who are willing to monetize unused hardware resources. By connecting with other data owners who are looking to store data in the P2P cloud. Fluence makes possible different markets to emerge with a flexible model of data access permission. The data access permissions are built on the Ethereum smart contracts.

Tokenized data economy

With the tokenized data economy, data owners are able to set fines grained data access control using proxy re-encryption to the part of their data and get profit with smart contracts.

Fluence offers more benefits to developers and investors who want to build a decentralized application. If you can imagine the world with fully decentralized apps that are where Fluence is taking people. It is the goal they want to achieve. Personal data on the platform are entirely controlled by the owners, which makes no room for censor, compromise or delete without authorized permission. Applications on the platform perform calculations in decentralized clouds and are deployed to InterPlanetary File System like Golem.

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