What is FlorinCoin?

FlorinCoin (FLO)


FlorinCoin is a script minable cryptocurrency that is mainly based on the Litecoin and Bitcoin source code. The cryptocurrency offers a quick transaction processing by using a number of improvements in different areas. It also introduces a new feature that is useful to its users, the transaction comments. This feature allows FlorinCoin to facilitate unique applications and enhancements within the blockchain.

FlorinCoin is a product created by Skyangel, a member of the bitcointalk.org community. The cryptocurrency was introduced in the crypto industry in 2013 and since then it has been gradually growing. The cryptocurrency is an open source software designed to include an open ledger of transactions. One of the applications hosted on FlorinCoin is Alexandria.

Alexandra is a decentralized application with a distributed library that can be used for sharing and preserving art, culture, and history. The Alexandria is an application like Soundcloud, Netflix or YouTube, but without the costly bandwidth overhead or servers.  Users of the application can self-publish anything they want such as music, books, videos, 3-D printable, recipes and more. You can also choose to use the different monetization options.

FlorinCoin Features

FlorinCoin has a number of features that make building an application on the platform easy. Such features include:

Transaction comments.

The transaction comments allow attachment of reference or a simple message to the transaction can be stored either publicly and in the blockchain. If you want to send private information using the transaction comments, you will have to encrypt it a method agreed upon the receiver and the sender. The transaction comments are limited according to size and they don’t take space whenever they are not in use.

Other features included in the cryptocurrency platform include

  • FlorinCoin allows faster transactions and 40-second block generation. The two are not too fast to cause problems with network synchronization.
  • FlorinCoin does not involve pre-mine, zero-Blocks or super-blocks at the start
  • Proof of publication
  • Peer to peer gaming
  • Script proof of work
  • 1 block difficulty retarget

FlorinCoin is also a free open ledger software of transaction history known as the blockchain. It cryptocurrency extends the Bitcoin codebase and stores additional information on the network. The software helps users to easily build applications on FlorinCoin is easy with the API tools and transactions message protocol. With the transaction comment of up to 528 characters to every traction. The comments and characters can be stored it in a permanently on the FlorinCoin Network making it one of the best cryptocurrency available to date.



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