What is Firstblood?

FirstBlood (1st)



First blood is a revolutionary eSports decentralized application, which allows its users to arrange a gaming tournament of famous games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike and more. They also issue Firstblood tokens, which have equivalent value when converted to USD.


According to 1st developers, they have intentionally created the tokens for players who want to get most out of their gaming hobby. A token holder can challenge other players and win 1st tokens. The user can also invite some of his/her friends and get 1st tokens as a reward.


How 1st works?


The user can set up a customized eSports tournament anywhere and anytime. Verified players can play and users who have set up the game will also be rewarded with 1st tokens. This allows gamers, not to only have fun, but also earn token with corresponding real value.


Any Firstblood user could also be a witness or become a part of a jury who weed out toxic players and stop cheaters in their tracks. A user that is called the “witness” is someone who runs automated witness software that verifies and matches outcomes. The larger the match contribution means a larger amount of 1st token that will be awarded to the witness.

Firstblood Video Explanation

In FirstBlood, there are many ways to earn 1st token, it’s either you buy coins, invite a friend to join, or become a witness, a juror or a player. The developers further added that 1st is something all gamers will love.


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