What is Firmo?

Firmo (FRM)



Firmo is a blockchain based platform that aims at building infrastructure for the crypto economy industry. The platform uses the smart contract language to enable secure execution of financial contracts on the blockchain. With a domain language, the FirmoLang, users from all over can compose secure smart derivatives that are compatible with any major blockchain. This language is formally verified to produce an unmatched security in the distribution of infrastructure. Currently, the team behind the project is compiling to Ether, while exploring compilers for Otum, Cardano and Neo.

Feature on Firmo

Powered by the FirmoLang, the platform offers the following features to its users:

Safe and secure financial contracts

Firmo offers users a safe and secure way to create bullet-proof, trustless financial contracts. The unique contract engine coupled with domain-specific language offers users an unmatched degree of security, safety, and ability to translate the platform contracts into smart contracts. Users can take advantage of the powerful features of the platform. Other features o9n the platform include

  • Handshake
  • Firmo smart contract
  • Transaction

Problems Firmo wants to solve

The trillion dollar derivatives market is outdated

According to the official website, the international financial product market for things such as futures and derivatives moves substantial value every day. The website continues, “Derivative financial contracts are created and executed by financial intermediaries, but in the exponentially growing cryptocurrency universe. Currently, there is no safe way of offering or executing these products and the traditional derivative providers are not meeting the huge demand for advanced cryptocurrency derivatives.” The aim if the platform is to solve this issue.

Derivate platform, from cryptocurrencies

Since there are few platforms that offer safe and secure layers on top of smart contract language, Firmo offers users a safe and secure platform with efficient results. In some cases, the DAO and Multi-sig parity are examples of how difficult it is to write safe contracts. However, Firmo offers a better platform for all.


The Firmo team is made up of core team members, advisors and academic advisors. The CEO is the platform is Omri Ross, Co-CTO Gury Tarub, CO-CTO Ariel Laub, Dovev Goldstein the CMO, COO Elad Shabi, Johannes Jensen Head of product and other core team member.


With many people seeking to invest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology, Firmo provides them with an opportunity to do so in a safe and secure manner. The team behind the project has experts in different fields in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

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